BaySwap — Development Update #1
2 min readMar 9, 2023


[TLDR;] Super fast growth in both Product & Community

Since our Devnet launch in January, we have brought a lot of features and updates. In this article, We will be exploring some of the main features and updates we have introduced recently to the community and the Roadmaps we have completed through the journey to the Mainnet launch.

Product Development Updates :

  1. We have updated our Bay Swap App UI completely with a new and fresh look along with Day & Night mode and better responsiveness with mobile devices.
  2. Added Yield Farming/Staking feature and the rewards can be claimed/harvested every second without waiting for any period.
  3. Upcoming new Bay Swap Landing Page UI, Limit Order feature, Trading chart, and more…
  4. SUI Testnet wave 2 ended with some great results for Bay Swap as follows:
  • 100,000+ Swap, Add & Remove Liquidity transactions.
  • 500+ awesome feedback from testers. Most of them are fixed and redeployed.
  • 200+ Git commits to improving core smart contracts + UI.

Community Updates :

  1. Bay Swap has reached around 13k followers on both Discord and Twitter in a 1-month span which shows all your love and support.
  2. We have started an Airdrop campaign on Crew3. The top 1000 members of our Crew3 leaderboard will share 500,000 $BSWT Tokens on the Mainnet launch.
  3. We have planned an Airdrop for “Bay OG” & “OG Elite” role holders along with other benefits for them which can be read in detail on our Discord server.
  4. We continue to do partnerships with other projects and soon we’ll bring OAT campaigns with them as well. Stay tuned

Roadmap :

Q4 2022

  • Build Team ✅
  • Build MVP (Minimum Viable Product) ✅
  • Release the very first version ✅

Q1 2023

  • Release Yield Farming/Staking ✅
  • Release Limit Order Book feature (Soon)
  • Security Audit for Smart Contracts (Soon)
  • TS, Rust SDK (Soon)

These are all the quick updates and points to be noted about Bay Swap developments. We are working hard to fulfill all the Features yet to come and have introduced others as promised. Moreover, We are going to join #SuiBuilderHouse Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City. The event will start on March 18, so stay tuned for its updates as well…

We will keep you all posted with our monthly updates regarding Project developments and Community updates…

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Thanks for reading & Have a great day ahead.

About BaySwap:

BaySwap is the ultimate trading platform — as known as a Decentralized Exchange built on Sui Blockchain.

We provide the best solution for traders, with many features supported:

  • Efficient transaction fee
  • Against high slippage
  • Fast, secure, and friendly UX/UI

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