BaySwap — Development Update #2
3 min readApr 23


[TLDR;] Focus on Mobile Development, Public Sale starts on May 5 or May 6. Mainnet launch at around May 25.

We are excited to share the latest updates on our project, as we continue to build and expand our decentralized finance platform. We have made significant progress in several areas, and our team is working hard to bring new features and improvements to our users.

Social Media Growth 📢:

Firstly, we are proud to say that our social media presence has grown exponentially. Our Twitter account has grown from 20k to 97k followers, while our Discord community has grown from 20k to 76k members. We are grateful for the continued support from our community, and we will strive to keep delivering the best service possible.

NFT Mint event on SUI Testnet Network 💧:

The NFT Minting event is a way to interact with Permanent Testnet, help the BaySwap team collect SUI for the faucet station, and gain XP on Crew3 (now Zealy). We saw massive activity to mint the NFT and the event was held successfully.

SUI Faucet on Discord 🚰:

We have launched our own SUI Faucet on Discord, which allows users to claim around 2 Testnet SUI tokens every 2 hrs. This feature helps users who need Faucet but can’t claim it officially from the in-wallet faucet or SUI official discord due to heavy traffic errors.

Real-time Limit Order Views and Pro Trading Charts 📈:

We have added new features to our trading interface, including real-time limit order views and professional trading charts. These features enhance the trading experience for our users and provide more detailed information for making informed decisions by doing Technical analysis using Pro charts.

UI/UX Improvements ✨:

We have made several improvements to our landing page and Dapp, focusing on user experience and design. These changes make it easier for users to navigate and understand our platform, improving overall usability.

Mobile App Development 📱:

We have started developing our iOS and Android app, bringing our platform to mobile users. This expansion will allow more people to access and use our platform, further growing our community.

Upcoming Updates in Q2 2023:-

  • Android/iOS app launch
  • Public Sale on around 5–6 May 2023
  • LBE-as-service (Liquidity Bootstrapping Event platform)
  • Mainnet on around 25 May 2023
  • More strategic partnerships

We are proud of the progress we have made over the past six months and are excited to continue building and expanding our platform. We thank our community for their support and look forward to seeing how our platform will be used and adopted in the future.

Thanks for reading & Have a great day ahead.

About BaySwap:

BaySwap is the ultimate trading platform — as known as a Decentralized Exchange built on Sui Blockchain.

We provide the best solution for traders, with many features supported:

  • Efficient transaction fee
  • Against high slippage
  • Fast, secure, and friendly UX/UI

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